Food Bloggers: Find Your Own Type

Welcome to our special series on starting a food blog! Whether you’re still in the planning stages, or have just started blogging, we hope this easy guide will help you build and maintain a food blog that makes you happy. Now let’s jump right in.

What kind of food blogger are you? Do you love spending time in the kitchen, cooking and/or baking, and developing your own recipes?Do you eat out a lot, and like trying new restaurants and food spots?Are you constantly photographing your food and posting these photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?Have food allergies or dietary restrictions- either your own, or that of a family member- made you an expert in preparing dishes for a special diet?

Knowing what kind of food blogger you are, in your heart of hearts, is the most important step when starting a food blog. Because once you know, you can pinpoint the focus of your blog. Some examples:

“My young daughter is diabetic with a sweet-tooth, so I’ve had to learn to make her delicious diabetic-friendly desserts. I’d like to share these with other parents who might find them useful.”

Food Blog Focus Example: Diabetic Dessert Recipes that are Child-Friendly.


“My friends and I love coffee. We enjoy taking photos of the orders that we give at various coffee spots of the city. I’d like to write about our experiences on a website.”

Food Blog Focus Example: Coffee Reviews for New York City by a group of girlfriends.

It might sound cliché, but asking yourself what you are truly passionate about when it comes to food can very well decide whether you’ll be able to build a successful food blog.

Consider some of the most successful food bloggers:

Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia Project cooked every dish in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and blogged about it. Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman regularly invites us into her kitchen and shows us comfort food step-by-step. Bridget of Bake at 350 wows the world with her beautifully decorated cookies. Stephanie Le of i am a food blog (which won Saveur’s Blog of the Year 2014) always has amazing, mouthwatering photos accompanying her post.

These are bloggers who know who they are.

Knowing what kind of food blogger you are leads directly to the second important question to ask yourself:

Who are your readers?

Take a moment and try to imagine what sort of person you expect to be reading your blog. The key is to get clear about who would most benefit from reading your food blog. Knowing who your target readers are helps you do two very important things:

Write. All bloggers, food and otherwise, struggle with writing at some point. Having a clear picture of who you’re “writing to” in your head can work wonders when you have writer’s block. Tweak your design to be more reader-friendly.

You can, of course, get more specific- what is your readers’ average age? Where do they live? What kind of music do they listen to? You’re building your blog readership profile, and the clearer this is in your mind, the easier it’ll be for you to build a successful food blog.